Tuesday, February 9, 2010


BMR & ST in Vienna
In collaboration with Stefan Tiron, the Bureau extended its research on the Austrian context due to a key partnership with KulturKontakt. We questioned the rise of melodramatic strategies in the East-West relations considering Vienna's reputation as a cultural hub: Wien ist eine Drehscheibe für junge Künstler aus Ost- und Südosteuropa (die Presse, 17. November 2009,http://diepresse.com/home/kultur/kunst/522313/index.do).

*Stefan Tiron is also known as a paranoia double agent, information dealer, dirty data miner, info broker, shady somatic recipient and damaged cortical data retriever. In 2009 he started the Tschuessy Feng radio show. He indulges in his recent hobby for the cultural and ideological ramification of apiculture and beehive metaphors for the society at large.

The Bureau of Melodramatic Research was granted a residency in Vienna by KulturKontakt, thus financing its representatives Alina Popa and Irina Gheorghe a three-month research and direct action in the Viennese context. In return, when invited to the exhibition The Center of Attention. Kunst als Soziotopie, the Bureau placed itself at the service of its original supporter, gathering contacts for KulturKontakt's future residents. What does the Kontakt in KulturKontakt stand for? Who is Kontakt-ed and what is the final purpose of Kontakt?

Analysing this situation based on
KulturKontakt leaflets and discourse, the Bureau decided to reassess the unfulfilled promise of Kontakt. Therefore, the representatives were dressed officially and did their best to act as matchmakers in Fluc, where all the participants in the exhibition were present, as well as casual passers-by and sponsors of the event.

The list of contacts will be decentralized by the Bureau and disseminated as an interdependent network via KulturKontakt residents.