Saturday, September 18, 2010

-ongoing and available by request-

Please submit your request if you feel you are in need of treatment sessions.

CREATIVITY COUNSELLING I has taken place in Bucharest, 2009

CREATIVITY COUNSELLING II has taken place in Warsaw, 2010

The deadline race, the competition for residences, biennials and funding are constantly inflating the creativity-bubble which has been the pride of the years 2000. Artists, curators and other cultural workers are all lending a helping hand. For whom should we use our creative potential and who profits from the generated surplus-value?

Any curiosity regarding the origins of the much-touted creativity leads us straight to the right-brain activity, mainly responsible for emotions – the very object of the Bureau’s research. How do we place ourselves on the neurobiological map of contemporary politics? And how to use emotions correctly and efficiently to respond to the generalized creative imperative?

The Bureau of Melodramatic Research provides creativity counselling services for all those interested. The sessions are open to all the artists and other actors on the local cultural scene who feel that the role attributed to them by the contemporary society, those of seismographs, needs further training. Give up your glittering portfolios, the namedropping mantras and institutional talismans and join BMR'S treatment sessions!