Saturday, September 18, 2010


The generalized lachrymatory outbursts cannot be legally controlled anymore, they are not even threatened by EU’s recent law which bans the traditionally East-European profession of mourning at funerals. At the same time, there is a new emerging category of professional mourners, a new code of emo-political manners. This code is constantly promoted by public figures, ranging from presidents to all sorts of other feeble-hearted political or legal personalities, including corporations. It keeps fueling a ubiquitous compassion which, most of the times, ethically justifies economic interests.

On the other hand, depression as “de-activation of desire” could be a fatal crack in the social nervous system, an irreversible imbalance in the self-sufficient xanax economy, the first false tones in the much touted hymn of the capitalist miracle.

Being interested in the circuit of emotions, the Bureau of Melodramatic Research recognizes the anti-hierarchical potential of cry-babies - weeping as a form of resistance, but also its manipulative purpose with the aim of producing consent. BMR proposes a new etiquette, the Cry-Baby Guide. This new guide turns to onion, as a natural catalyst for these socially forbidden eruptions in the public space. The new skool of lachrymatory practice aims at breaking the alleged monopoly of emotional secretions and promotes reflex tears as a form of counter-crying, a protest which doesn’t end but start with tear gas.

If you want to download the crybaby guide and practice it yourself, go here

Cry-Baby @Perla-Mode message salon, Zurich, CH
December, 2011

Cry- Baby@ KNOT
Good manners training with The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, 23th-24th of October 2010, Parcul Carol, Bucharest