Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mission Statement

In the precarious atmosphere of 2011, we are witnessing the almost complete extinction of public libraries, the disappearance of "the labor with the book"and the decrease in book stock diversity in foreign cultural centers in Bucharest, hand in hand with the spread of bookstore chains so rich in finery. In Romania bookshelves are now crowded with marketing textbooks, spiritual self-help guides and motivational literature.

But let’s not forget how important stealthy reading still is for the research process – reading over somebody’s shoulder on a bus or reading a newspaper somebody left on a seat in the subway. Reading while lying on a bench, under your desk at the workplace, while waiting in line at the unemployment office or in residence. One neglected but important source of radicalization of labor is the reading group, be it a small or large one. We’re interested in:
1) Ways in which one can reach seminal readings;
2) Who determines this hierarchy of references and based on what criteria;
3) What are the readings that have been buried alive, but secretly and unsuspectedly influence us.

Cheating in exams has always saved us. Copying and samizdat photocopying is being passed on to scanlaters who scan and actively digitalize books and specialized literature that should be in every home. We want to acknowledge on this occasion the reproductive and multiplicative function of copying in the dissemination of knowledge. We would also like to celebrate on this occasion the role played by friends who let us copying and actively send us compulsory readings, movies, articles, theoretical and critical texts or links without which we don’t know what to do.