Friday, August 3, 2012

Soulstorming in the Postspectacle Shelter, 2012

Soulstorming because we are tired of the braindrain or maybe because this could include the mentally exhausted, the seniles, the brainwashed, the mentally ill, the Alzheimer patients, it escapes the logic of reason, but it can also include it - the contingency of reason. it is true that the soul has been already souled (sold), capitalism took over the Spinozian (affective labour) as well as the Cartesian (artificial intelligence). we will use this popular notion of the soul, being slightly aware (never totally aware) of the blurry borders between soul and emotions, soul and affect, soul and feeling, soul and thought.

the contagion of sterility
minor mania
the passion of passivity
the heaviness of the immaterial
rigidness in the abstract

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