Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dark Charity/Grey Donors
with Postspectacle (Ion Dumitrescu & Florin Flueras)

The common charity is done to improve a bit the situation, materially or financially, it is a ‘white’ charity with the aim to clean, stabilize, enlighten, secure. Dark charity is a reversed charity which will unground, destabilize, unsecure, metamorphose. This is the charity in which the Presidential Candidate and the Bureau of Melodramatic Research are involved.

The Charity gala was organized for the Viennese people and all our sponsors in MUMOK Kino for the Changer D'Image program. Our contribution was curated by Raluca Voinea.

Charity hostesses making their appearance on uplifting jodler-tune

Charity Gala auf Deutsch für unsere Sponsoren

The Charity team singing We are the World (Karaoke)

With the audience together

The start of the acts of giving

Florin Flueras offering darkness to Vienna

Irina Gheorghe offering chaos
Alina Popa offering freedom to talk-alone
 Ion Dumitrescu offering Bulgarian time signature
Claude Karnoouh live from Bucharest for the Viennese people
Finally the charity team with the Viennese receivers and the gifts