Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lovegold. A Cosmic Cooking Show

Lovegold is a cooking show on cosmic cooking as a model for today's material-immaterial economy which does not start or end with the human element.

Cooking is the new alchemy. Cooking, just like alchemy, never ends. It goes on endlessly and doesn’t even end with food. It doesn’t matter what is cooked but how we are being cooked through our own thoughts and feelings.

We are part of a vast chemical paradigm, just a small cog in the big wheel of cosmic cooking. Material and immaterial are a continuum and transform one another, and we take love and gold to form a new chemical composite, which has the dual character of today’s economy.

Lovegold. A Cosmic Cooking Show (2013, 20 min) was first presented as a performance in BAK Utrecht in October 2013 during the exhibition To The Reader curated by Benjamin Fallon. The performance was produced with the help of Benjamin Fallon and Impakt Foundation Utrecht during the 5 weeks residency previous to the opening of this exhibition.