Friday, August 28, 2009

The Game of Giving and Asking for Reasons (2016)

Above the Weather (2015-2016)

Lovegold. A Cosmic Cooking Show (2013 - 2014)

Protect Your Heart at Work (2012-2013)

Alien Passions - a BMR trilogy

Dark Charity (2013)

End Pit (2013)

Lovegold. Contemporary Alchemy (2013)

Soulstorming - intervention in the Postspectacle shelter inside the House of the People (2012)

Cry-Baby. How to Win Hearts and Influence People self-published guide and action (2010)

RID [WRINKLE] (2011) (placard workshop for the elderly)

Honey (2011)

The Big Crisis - After 20 Years (insert in the last issue of Omagiu magazine on the topic of crisis, 2009)

BMR Cinema Collection of Hysteria - part of Ghirtoiu/Stanescu Archive (collection of film stills, 2009)

Farewell Words (2009)